Defaults and Judgments

PFA prides itself in helping companies through difficult times.  If your company is experiencing a cashflow shortage or restrained accounts due to the burden of short-term defaulted debt or tax liens/levies, the goal of getting your company to an optimal level is usually a multi-step process.

Stabilize threatening defaulted debt by immediately entering into an acceptable repayment agreement with the lender with the purpose to

stop all collection action

retract UCC lien notifications to your customers

have discussions, as necessary, with your customers

Secure bridge financing while going through the due-diligence process of long-term financing

May be in the form of a low-cost buyout merchant cash advance

While in this program, you may not take on additional unapproved debt

You must engage our virtual CFO services during this process

In order to begin this process, we will need the following:

Story:  what led to your current cashflow problems?

Last 3 years’ business tax returns

Last year’s profit & loss statement

Year-to-date profit & loss statement

Balance sheet

13-week cashflow projection

Business debt schedule

IMPORTANT: Please send these documents to info@phoenixfunda.com.